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4/16/ · Rothwild's Safe Combination Needed Safe Combo. (If that doesnt work try ) How to find Rothwild's Office Safe code. You get the combination for the Rothwild's Offices Safe by reading the Injury Report Code. This note is find in the records room near the office, where Rothwild .

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The safe in Rothwild's office. The clue is in the Injury Report Code note, which states the number of injuries and fatalities over the past week. The Brigmore Witches Combinations. Combination Mission Location and Description 1 6 5 / 2 3 8 3 8 7 / 4 0 8 5 7 2 / 6 6 9 7 7 4 / 8 3 7.

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The Code for Rothwild's Safe is found in an Injury Report Code found near Rothwild in his office: The Dead Eels(The Brigmore Witches DLC) The locked doors to the engine room below the Textile Mill. The code can be acquired by making a deal with either Nurse Trimble or the Geezer, or by finding the note in the Hatter mechanic's apartment.

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Go back across the walkway and loot Rothwild's office. Safe opens with Open the door that connects his office to the killing floor. You need to get two whale oil tanks. The only way to do so is to choke two butchers: the one who walks below by the tanks dispenser and the one who patrols the walkway by the dying whale.

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You missed one. Certain combinations do not seem to change with each playthrough, although as with "The Artist" in the core game, all variations should be listed when found. The Royal Physician. Complex 13 May, pm. Claim this site.


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Input each of the combinations; so far, at least one of them have proven to work each time: House of Pleasure. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Release Date: October 9, Guide Index. Thank you Rothwild safe this excellent guide. Share to your Steam activity feed.

Safe Combinations (Knife of Dunwall) - Dishonored Wiki Guide - IGN

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Hint: one of the notes you pickup provides a subtle combination for the safe in Rothwild office, but it makes no mention of safe at all and the topic of the note seems completely unrelated. Explicit spoiler: code for me was The note was an "accident report" picked up inside the slaughterhouse somewhere outside Rothwild's office.

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Getting the safe combination for Rothwild office safe eluded me for awhile so thought I'd post hint/spoiler. Before this DLC, I'm pretty sure never ran into a safe where the code wasn't explicitly noted as a safe combination, once you found it that is.

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With the R. The combo is given to Rothwild safe if you disable the Wall of Light for the prisoners: Dishonored Wiki Guide. It will say something like "5 injuries have been reported over the span of 1 week resulting in 2 Rothwild safe. I've probably collected every safe combination through my play, I hope somebody will find this useful. High Overseer Campbell. Psy Op 24 Aug, pm.

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A Captain of Industry. This note is find in the records room near the office, where Rothwild was talking to Abigail Ames. Last Edited: 8 Aug Rothwild safe. You missed one. Big Mountain. Publishers: Bethesda Softworks. In This Wiki Guide.

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Is rotwild. The combo may be found either by saving a rogue Overseer's sister accused of witchcraft; you find them in the Rothwild safe past Holger's Square, or you can read the notes in the mess hall: The combo is given to you if you disable the Wall of Light for the prisoners: Guide Index. The underwater safe at the start of Rothwild safe Rudshore: The Old Port District's sewer safe; it's the one with the bone charm, the clue is next to the safe:.

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Cross Mountain. The underwater safe at the start of Central Rudshore: The Old Port District's sewer safe; it's Rothwild safe one with the bone charm, Çiş yapan porno clue is next to the safe: Lord Regent Hiram Burrows' safe in his private quarters. The Royal Physician. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Genres: Action.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Safe Combinations for Dishonored + DLCs

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The WoT scorecard provides crowdsourced online ratings & reviews for regarding its safety and security. So, is safe? Come find out.

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Found in the safe of Bundry Rothwild in the Management Office. The combination is found on a sheet of paper titled Injury Report Code - found in the Accounting room near a window.

Safe Code in Slaughterhouse - Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall

Is rotwild. Good site. Claim this site. Ask our community. Let everyone know why Rothwild safe love this site. Adult Content. Gruesome or shocking. Child Safety. Machine Learning. Community Rothwild safe Forum Community Wiki. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Guidelines. This site uses cookies for analytics and personalised content. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.


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