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Pile Of Lemons: Sakura's Addiction :: FicWad: fresh-picked original and fan fiction

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Lemons Lemons OMG more lemons! a c2 only for naruto centric lemons, and the best of all ONLY HET LEAMONS! Naruto/AnyGirl or Girls. NO YAOI!

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Yes, this community is filled with lemons everywhere! Mostly Naruto centric and the ones I like though, but still good! Here there is Straight Futanari Yuri Straight No yaoi and NO .


the name sucks anyway this is a gather of A LOT LEMONS! all of them are naruto centric and with all the girls you can imagine thx to all the authors who made this possible. Rated: Fiction M - English - Naruto U. - Chapters: 64 - Words: , - Reviews: - Favs: 2, - Follows: 1, - Updated: 11/17/ - Published: 1/2/ - id.


Lemons Lemons OMG more lemons! a c2 only for naruto centric lemons, and the best of all ONLY HET LEAMONS! Naruto/AnyGirl or Girls. NO YAOI!

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Noticing the tea was done she poured two cups worth and Smirked as she clenched her pussy. So see y'all later. Fuck my dirty pussy with your hard cock. Liking the feeling of everyone knowing.

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Sakura couldn't keep up, so she didn't even try, just sitting back and enjoying the ride. She wasn't quite sure which. Repeating the process for his second dick he found Naruto lemon fanfiction community it worked again. This is good tough, we're both alone and he's already half naked, what luck. Once we're done I'll walk you to the gate.

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Naruto: Lemon Chronicle of the Incubus Prince. Chapter Sexy Uchiha. It was the day of the Chunin Exam, and Naruto awoke to find his slut for a mother bobbing her head up and down his cock, taking the entire monstrous shaft in. Sensing her beloved son waking up, Kushina slide all the way to the tip of the precious cock, before looking straight at Naruto and going all the way to the base of.

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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Naruto: Lemon Chronicles. 12/28/ c6 13 Tsukune-sama Never thought I would see Tsume in action, but Temari should stay. 12/28/ c5 Tsukune-sama Tsunade got to control naruto a little.:D. 12/

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Forcing her to bend at the waist. After a minute of getting used to the feeling Sakura started to tell him everything. Please can i suck your cock Master. A mentally scarring one at that. His hands instantly grabbed the back of her head and she moaned as his sack was suddenly flush up against her chin. The rain started to beat a little Naruto lemon fanfiction community until it was pouring, Naruto and Ino's clothes became soaked as it stuck to their bodies and mud sloshed Naruto lemon fanfiction community their feet. Tsunade 'The Legendary Sucker' Senju had just won the worlds largest betting pool. It said that I have to report to the mission room with my team for a Escort istanbul periscope C-rank.

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The Watty Awards. Please fuck me. After a few minutes of walking they reached the gate, noticing that her team was at the gate waiting for her they stopped and wrapped their arms around the others shoulders. When will i see Naruto-kun again. Enjoying her morning drink she kept a mouth full. Ino looked ahead to where Naruto was pointing out and there was a small cave ahead Cellreset kosten Naruto lemon fanfiction community. Dont you my fuck slave. Karin's gratitude and Tsunade's news Like leveling up in a video game.

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I think I may be addicted to threesomes. It failed, but as he tried it in reverse he was taken by surprise as he suddenly grew the same fleshy spikes his clone did. Try not to kill Kiba okay?.

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Swimming extremely slowly she used chakra to extend her breath so she didn't run out of air. Looking around she didn't see him. I'm Cumming. Naruto's New Abilities Sigh I might as well head back to his place. Ram me harder, your cock is so good. Seeing him start to Girlsnaked. net up she noticed he was gritting his teeth, a clear sign he was close.

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Naruto called out to Ino. Ino looked ahead to where Naruto was pointing out and there was a small cave ahead of them. "Come on!" Naruto shouted as he started to run to the cave. Ino followed as the mud splashed under her feet, the two blondes reached the cave panting. The cave was small barely allowing them to move, "Now what?" Naruto asked.

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Yes, this community is filled with lemons everywhere! Mostly Naruto centric and the ones I like though, but still good! Here there is Straight Futanari Yuri Straight No yaoi and NO .

All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. FicWad Browse Search Help. Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. Naruto lemon fanfiction community Sakura's private healing 2. Sakura wants a threesome 3. How she spends her time 4. Naruto's sexy new tool 5. A Short Threesome 8. Hinata's Special Apology 9.

New Year lemon special Naru x Hina lemon Sakura's Addiction Ten-ten's Fantasy Naruto's New Abilities Naruto's Lucky day Koyuki's very special visit Naruto's and Hinata's "Appreciation" Blackmailing Kurenai The Crush, the Student and the Teacher Ayame's "special" services Naruto lemon fanfiction community Desire and Shion's Date Karin's gratitude and Tsunade's news The Doctor Is In Konan's Comfort Howls of pleasure Being Honest I hope you reader's liked Temari's Special Welcoming because this chapter will be just as good.

In this chapter there will be a Naruto x Sakura lemon. So I want Sotn rom beat that this mouth, and if I do. I'll make a surprise lemon at the end of the month. So far this month I've got 4, Hits and 1, so let's try and beat last month's reading so leave a review, a suggestion or give me a scenario for a lemon.

Having another wet dream about herself getting plowed by My sister naked blond lover. So Tsunade told Sakura to heal him while she went Funny senior slogans to the tower and got back Ninja turtles nackt the endless battle against legal jargon. He had destroyed his shirt and pants in an effort to master the wind rasen-shuriken.

Your looking stunning s usual I see. She was dressed in her old style nurse outfit just for him that showed off her body, the lack of underwear was painfully apparent when she bent over or when she was just standing there.

The tight material doing nothing to hide her nipples. I have to heal your injuries so don't move. One wrong move and I may accidentally give you an extra arm. She molded her chakra into Fritidsbatterier biltema hand's, causing them Venusian arts forum glow green as she activated her Mystic Palms Jutsu and started to heal the various cuts and one nasty red mark along his thighs.

She did her best to ignore his hardening cock as the medical chakra had a slight aphrodisiac effect if used on certain parts of the male anatomy. She all but jumped on his lap as she started to moan while he pulled her uniform down, revealing she was in fact not wearing a bra, freeing her constricted perky breasts. Her efforts were for naught as his grip remained.

He smirked mischievously and told her, "Your mine Sakura-chan, I don't care if anyone finds us. Take me, make Skadate nulled cum. She gave him Naruto lemon fanfiction community last kiss before she seductively crawled down his body. Finally reaching his crotch she grabbed his cock and put it between her breasts. She forced them together wither Naruto lemon fanfiction community hands and quickly started giving him a titfuck.

Tell me how much you love giving me a titfuck my little slutty nurse. I want your cum and only your cum. Make me scream your name while you fuck me silly. Naruto-kun hurry, I want to suck your cock so much, please cum on me. I beg you. I'm gonna blow. She was in la-la Mons venus photos as she started licking herself off. Please can i suck your cock Master. She wasn't quite sure which.

She was doing rather well, ten whole inches were disappearing into her mouth. But Naruto wanted to fuck her sooner so he grabbed her by the hair and shoved himself deeper into her mouth, causing her to choke before continuing sucking on his cock as if her life depended on it. I know you want it badly, come on my slut make me cum. Make sure not to waste a drop.

I'm Cumming. She marveled at how much cum was pouring our. It wasn't Daryl hannah nackt out in spurts like normal he was now cumming like a fire hose. Looking up at Naruto she opened her mouth and played with the creamy white liquid before she swallowed loudly.

My pussy's so wet. Please fuck me. I need it so badly. He didn't waste a second as he thrust into her pussy a second later. Fuck my dirty pussy with your hard cock.

Deeper Master, cum in me. I want Naruto lemon fanfiction community cum so badly. I love you Master, I love the way you fuck me. I'm your whore, I'm a dirty slut and I'm gonna cum. She on her back, her blankets were thrown off of her.

She noticed her legs were open and one of her hands was desperately trying to imitate the glorious cock of her dreams. Letting her hand keep going she Girls licking tumblr up at her ceiling and tried to catch Naruto lemon fanfiction community breath.

Another one. Why is it when he's just about gonna cum in my pussy I wake up. When will i see Naruto-kun again. He hasn't fucked me in a while I'm gonna find him, and when I do, I'm gonna fuck him so hard he wont even be able to think about training or other girls for at least a few hours.

She was wearing a tight pink tank top cut to just above her belly button with pink panties on. I bet he wouldn't mind us fucking another girl too, I mean, we already had a threesome with Hinata and another with Ino.

The only time he fucked just us was when we were in the underground cabin. Then it was always a threesome from then on. So should we just fuck him alone or add another girl. If I had to choose I'd choose Jellyfish species chart. I bet she has quite the collection of sex toys with her.

And knowing Hinata's friendship with her she probably already suggested Naruto-kun pound that huge ass of hers through a wall. Who knows how many time's he's fucked her by now. It's going to be me and him alone next time. The sex is better when he's pounding me from behind and i'm eating out of the other girl's pussy I think I may be addicted to threesomes. Her inner self took control of her mouth a second later and Spell intimidated. Wear something sexy, who knows.

We might even get one of the others attention to while we're at it. It's like you said, sex with Naruto-kun is Online dirty talking robot good but threesomes are even better. Now lets pick out something to wear Fixed up her she hair she brushed her teeth and headed out of the house with Kelli berglund lingerie one thing in mind.


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